A beautiful place for a garden in Brooklyn

This garden has been named one of the best botanical gardens in the world by The New York Times and is home to a number of native and exotic species, including a purple jade, black currant, and anemone. 

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The New York Botanical Garden, which has a population of around 500,000, is one of many botanical communities around the country that are home to diverse populations of plants, animals, and insects.

The garden is located in Brooklyn’s Upper East Side neighborhood and is open to the public on weekends and the weekend of New Years, which falls on January 1. 

One of the most famous botanical creations in the city is the city’s famed Garden of Eden, which was created by artist Frank Lloyd Wright in 1894.

The Eden, a sprawling garden on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, was constructed with the intention of preserving the biodiversity of the area, and is now one of New York City’s most visited attractions.