Botanical Garden to close for ‘longer term’

Botanical Gardens of Florida and the National Botanical Sanctuary will close for a “longer-term” renovation to bring the botanical gardens up to code.

The decision was made Monday, according to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

The Botanical gardens of Florida are among the largest in the country, with about 500,000 flowering plants and more than 3,500 varieties.

The National Botanic Sanctuary in Virginia is a separate institution.

Bureau of Land Management land managers have until Nov. 15 to finalize the renovations.

The Botanical Conservancy, which was created in 1967, will remain as an entity, but the Florida-based nonprofit Botanical Center of America will take over as the sole operator of the facility.

In 2016, the conservancy was ordered to shutter after it failed to provide adequate funding to keep the center running.