China to Offer Lowes, Olive Garden Coupons and Other Home Goods for $40 a Month

Lowes is offering some deals for low- and middle-income families as the global financial crisis continues to hurt sales and make it harder to sell homes. 

Lowes has been offering coupons for its home goods for a couple of years now, but its latest offer is the first to include coupons for some of its most popular products. 

If you buy one of the products on Lowes’ online store and redeem the coupon, you’ll get $40 in store credit. 

In other words, the savings aren’t just limited to the home goods themselves.

The coupon will give you a credit toward a home remodel or any other project that you may be interested in. 

For example, if you buy a couch and the couch is a bit larger than your living room, you can use the coupon to make it a little smaller. 

A $10 discount for each year of a low-income person’s household income can give you $80 back on a home renovation, according to Lowes. 

The coupons aren’t cheap either. 

You can buy the home remodeling kit for $120, which includes a new mattress, a new couch, a rug, a TV, a dresser, a coffee table, and more. 

All in all, it’s a decent savings package, especially for a low income person.

The same home remodels will cost $250, and the furniture is $1,300. 

To get the discount, you also have to buy the Home Improvement and Furniture kits for $30 each. 

When it comes to furniture, the coupons for the $40 home remodeled kit will give $1.10 off the cost of $1k of furniture.

The $10 Home Improvement Kit will give that amount back. 

(The $40 Home Improvement kit includes a full-size, high-end home theater, a dining room table, a chair, a vanity, a queen-sized bed, and a dressers chair.) 

The $30 Home Improvement & Furniture kit will get you a $1x3k+ renovation, with the $1m+ home improvement kit getting you a full size, high end home theater with a dining table, dining room tables, a full chair, and other furniture, as well as a $2m+ dining room and an additional $500 for a queen size bed. 

And the $10 Lowes Home Improvement kits will give out $1 for every $1 invested. 

As for the appliances, you’re looking at a savings of $40 for the new kitchen appliances, which will cost you $200. 

On top of that, you will get $50 in store credits for your home, including $1 credit for any appliance that you purchase. 

So the whole package is worth it if you have the cash. 

Check out the Lowes home remodelling kit here: