Garden State Mls to receive $5 million in funding

Garden State has agreed to receive a $5-million grant from the Garden State Foundation, a partnership of local growers, to expand its collection of garden products.

The state Department of Agriculture said the grant will fund planting of an initial crop of greenhouses, an early harvest of seedlings, and a plant nursery.

The first of these plants is expected to be ready for the start of the summer planting season this fall.

The Garden State’s program was approved by the Garden Commission of California in 2016, which approved the first seedling planting this spring.

Garden State’s Garden Box, a product that allows farmers to store their own garden seeds in their own boxes, will also receive a grant.

“The Garden Commission has recognized the incredible value of the Garden Box for the community in the Garden Valley,” said Garden Commissioner of Agriculture Chris O’Shea.

“We’re committed to expanding the Garden program, and the grant ensures we can continue to serve the growing number of local farmers and small-scale growers who want to grow their own food.”

The Garden Box is expected in the spring to be fully operational.

Garden Commissioner of Farms, David Rauch, praised the new grants.

“This grant is a significant boost for the Garden Foundation and its partner farmers who want a quality product and a competitive price for their products,” he said.

State officials have not announced any new planting dates.