How a New York man rescued a wild garden and the next step in saving nature

NEW YORK — A New York City man who discovered a wild gardener’s garden has been hailed a hero by the local animal lovers.

Robert Cusick discovered the garden in a garden shed in Queens.

Cusicks wife is also a gardener and he had been working with the animals in his yard.

He said he would have left his wife alone in the shed but then noticed the animals were acting strangely and he decided to bring them to the backyard to find out what was going on.

Robert is a retired firefighter who works as a landscaper in his spare time and said he found the garden through a Craigslist ad for animals and was told to check it out.

He took photos and posted them to Facebook and got lots of attention.

Robert said he has found wild plants growing in his garden, but it took a lot of effort and luck to get them to grow.

He now wants to take the garden to the zoo or the local community garden center to see if he can breed wild plants that can help the animals.

“I wanted to see what wild plants could be used as a food source,” he said.

Cusick said he hopes his story will help people learn how to protect nature.