How to build your own indoor herb garden

Garden fences are essential to keeping your garden healthy and protected.

But you don’t need to go crazy if you’re just starting out with your garden.

We’ve put together some garden fence tips to help you get started.


Install a gate 1.

The first step is to install a gate.

This gate will act as a barrier that will stop other gardeners from entering your garden and can also keep out pests and other unwanted visitors.

We’re going to use a garden gate to keep out insects and other garden pests.

We’ll use 2-foot tall steel posts with a metal hinge to secure the gate to the wall.

Make sure to buy a quality gate and the appropriate hardware.


Set up the fence around your garden wall You’ll need a fence that’s large enough to keep the gardeners at bay.

We have a number of options, including 1-foot wide, 2-by-2-foot and 3-by 3-foot.

This is ideal for larger gardeners, but it’s also good for smaller people who are looking for a fence of their own.


Build a garden fence in a couple of weeks You can start with a garden wall fence and work your way up.

Once you’ve got a sturdy garden fence, you’ll need to build a fence around the outside of your house.

There are a variety of ways to build this fence.

We suggest building a 1- by 1-inch garden fence on a piece of wood and using 2- or 3-inch posts.

You’ll want to set the posts to be about 1 foot above the ground so the fence can be easily seen from the outside.


Add a fence post to the fence Keep your garden fence secure, but keep the fence at least 1 foot tall.

You may also want to add a 2- by 2-inch post on top of the garden fence to create a gate on your garden floor.

We also recommend adding an additional gate to prevent your gardeners entering your yard.

You can add a small gate or a large gate in the same way.

For a more traditional, more permanent solution, you can use a 6-foot-tall garden fence and build a gate that spans the whole length of the fence.

You might also consider adding a second gate on top.

If you’re building a fence with two fences, be sure to use 6-by 6-inch fencing.

If it’s too tall for your garden, use 4-by 4-inch.


Create a 3- by 3- foot garden fence When you’re ready to add gates, make sure to add 2- to 3-feet of fencing to the outside to create the gates you want.

We recommend using 2 feet of 4- to 6- by 4-foot fencing.


Add gates to the back of the house Create the gate using a large, heavy metal gate post.

Add the gates at the back to prevent other gardener from crossing your garden fences.

For our fence, we added 3 gates in the back yard to keep our gardeners and pets away.

You could also build a second, smaller gate for other garden guests, or even build a “door” gate for a backyard party.


Add garden gate posts to your house wall You can also add gate posts for your kitchen and bathroom to keep your garden gardeners out.

This will keep the doors and windows open so they can see your garden gate.

For more ideas on adding garden gates to your home, check out these garden gate tutorials.


Install garden fence around front of your home To add gates to any part of your garden in your house, add gates and fence posts at the front of the home.

We found this to be the easiest way to add gateposts to a garden.

You should only add the gate posts and fence post if you need to keep gardeners or other garden visitors from the garden area.


Create outdoor garden gate This is the most versatile of all garden fence options.

We used this type of garden gate in our house, and you can build this kind of gate in your garden as well.

We installed a 1.5-by 1-by fence that spans our front porch.

If we needed to keep guests out, we could have placed a gate at the entrance to the house, but for the most part, it was just a nice, simple gate.


Cut your fence into 2 sections to add garden gateposts If you have lots of space in your home and want to give your garden a more permanent look, cut your fence so that it can be placed in two sections.

This creates a fence at the top of your property.

You’re going from the front door, all the way up to the front window, which will keep guests from getting in and out of your yard while your garden is busy.


Create your own outdoor garden fence using PVC pipe If you don and want more of an