How to buy a house in Japan’s Olive Garden delivery city

By Tanya Paskal, Bloomberg NewswireThe Japanese Garden Delivery Association (JGDDA) announced that it will open up its own service for residents of the country’s capital Tokyo.

The group will sell its own delivery service in collaboration with the Tokyo-based JGDDA, a delivery company which has a large presence in Japan.

The group will start accepting orders for its delivery service at the end of March, and the company is planning to expand to other cities in the country, said Takahiro Sakuragi, JGDCA’s CEO.

It will launch a second, separate service to offer a local delivery service for Japanese residents who do not want to pay for a delivery service.

The second service will offer delivery services in the capital, but will only be available for residents who have lived in the area for three years.

It will also be able to deliver packages at a higher price than its current service.

For residents who want to travel abroad, JPGCA will offer services such as a courier service and a hotel.

Its customers will be able select from five destinations around the world.

The service will be available from March, but the group will have to start charging for the services by the end, and will not be able charge for delivery.

The Japanese government has already announced plans to invest about 2.6 trillion yen ($220 billion) in the project, including a 20-year loan, and said it would create 10,000 jobs.

The JGDAA plans to set up a logistics hub in Tokyo and will also open its own office.

Sakuragagi said the company expects to open up a distribution hub in the city by the middle of 2018.