How to cook up a gourmet fairy garden menu in 10 minutes

The garden city telegraph posted the recipe on Thursday for its “Fairy Garden Supply” garden menu.

The Fairy Garden Supply garden menu was created by a local foodie to celebrate the upcoming fall season.

The menu, which has already been shared over 140,000 times on Instagram and Twitter, features a wide variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, but also a gourmand “fairy” and “bronze” theme.

 For the dinner party, guests can add up to two fruit dishes.

According to the telegram, guests will have the opportunity to purchase all the produce from their own garden and cook them for dinner at the dinner table.

As well, guests are encouraged to order items that will go with their dinner, such as “fruit salad” and a “bacon tart.”

“Fairy garden supply is all about having a little fun while we wait for fall to come to a close,” the telegraph said.

“It’s a chance to get creative with food, as well as a chance for the community to get together to enjoy the season with friends.”

The fairy garden supplies garden menu is scheduled to be open to the public on September 10.