How to create a dragon garden

Gardeners can create a garden of dragon grass that they can plant around their house to attract dragonflies, a new study has found.

Key points:Dragon grass can be grown in a garden or tree but it is more effective in a tree or a shrub gardenThe research suggests it is best to use an organic product to attract insectsDragongrass has been used for thousands of years as a natural insect repellent in gardens and can attract dragonfly larvaeSource: ABC News | Duration: 4min 52secTopics:gardening,gardening-and-plant-management,animals,parliament,government-and -politics,animal-science,environment,parks-creek-6740,crown-hill-6770,nsw,melbourne-3000,vic,sydney-2000,newcastle-2300,perth-6000,brisbane-4000,brisbane-act-3,brisbanon-3030,warrnambool-3050,warrington-5051,vicMore stories from Victoria