How to get an Asian Garden to produce succulent flowers

Garden tubs are a common DIY item in Asian countries and some gardeners have also been experimenting with using them to produce plants with more succulent qualities. 

Garden tubs, which look like a wooden box or a garden tray, were originally used to produce flower petals in Chinese gardens. 

But they are now popular with Asian gardeners as a way of growing succulent plants. 

Some gardeners in China have even found success growing succulents with tubs filled with water. 

The idea is to produce tubs full of succulent plant roots, which are then watered as they grow. 

A garden tub in Japan uses a combination of natural and synthetic fertilizers to produce a plant that has more of a succulent flavour. 

In Japan, the tubs can be filled with a mixture of water and a mixture known as ‘shiroi’. 

Gardening tubs also have a reputation for producing succulent foliage, as they can produce succulently shaped leaves. 

So, if you are looking to plant succulent species in your garden, it is worth trying a variety of garden tubs that are available in Japan and China. 

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