How to get the most out of the octopus on your garden

The world’s biggest octopus has been captured and put into a nursery to grow into the next generation of octopus.

The giant puffer fish has been put into the garden of a farmer in New South Wales and is being cared for by volunteers.

The octopus was released into the area at the beginning of October.

A video released on social media shows a giant poodle fish swimming into the backyard of the farmer and then being taken out of a boat.

The video was filmed in a paddock and shows the poodle swimming into an area which has been cleared of grass and weeds.

“It’s very exciting,” said owner Tom Maughan.

“I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The big poodle is the world’s largest fish.

It is so big, it is not possible to capture it and bring it to Australia.

We’ve got a large paddock where it has been kept, which is one of the reasons we’re putting it in a nursery.

“Tom said the puffer was already a very healthy fish and was growing into a large adult which he hoped would one day be released into Australia.”

It is going to have a lot of health issues, and I know it has a long life expectancy, so I think it’s going to be very healthy,” he said.

The footage shows the huge poodle fishing in the paddock, which was cleared of weeds and grass in an area just outside of Townsville.

Tom and his wife, Lisa, who owns a fish and chips shop, were excited to see the puffle fish.”

I was looking at the video and thinking ‘oh, I’ve never even seen one before’,” he said, explaining he hoped it would attract more tourists.”

We’ve had a couple of visitors and the kids have come over to check it out, and they’ve been enjoying it, so we’re just really looking forward to seeing more people come in and see it.

“The puffer, which weighs around 30 kilograms, has been released into a paddocks to grow up.

Tom Maugha and his family, who have been in the family business for 50 years, were delighted to see it swimming in the backyard.

He said he was excited to put the fish in a small paddock to get some more grass cut away from the surrounding land.”

If we can get some grass to come out of it, that would be good,” he added.

Tom said he wanted to see how many puffer are released into Australian waters.”

You don’t want too many of them there,” he explained.

When the fish were released into New South Welsh paddocks, a local farmer contacted the couple and they began a search for the poufs.

Tom’s daughter, Rachel, said the family had a hard time getting hold of the fish.