How to make a perfect garden stone: 1. Start with stones that are good for plants

The stone is an essential part of a garden that includes succulents, plants, flowers, herbs, perennials and perennials.

Some people like to make their own stone.

Others have a friend or family member who can make a nice stone.

And the first step in making a stone is to pick up a handful of gravel or sand and a few small stones.

Put a small amount of gravel in the bottom of a cup, then fill the cup with water and set it on a stone or a flat rock that you like to put on top of.

You can also use a wooden block to make your stone.

You want the stones to be about the same size as the cups you will be putting the stones in.

The stones should be about 6 to 8 inches in diameter.

You may need to trim some off if the stones are too small.

Place the stones on a tray or tray-covered tray.

You will want to place the stones near a wall to prevent them from sticking to the bottom.

You might want to use a dish towel to prevent dirt from getting on the stones.

You should also make sure that the stones have enough drainage holes so they don’t drip down into the cup or dish towel.

You’ll want to add a few extra inches to the stones as they dry.

If you want a larger stone, you can add an extra 1-inch or 2-inch of drainage to the edges.

The gravel should be soft, but the sand should be strong.

A good sand stone will be about half the size of the stones you will use.

It should have a nice smooth, even surface that’s easy to remove.

Some gardeners also like to add some clay and some crushed up pebbles, rocks, sticks, pebble chips or sand to the stone.

They can also put a little bit of gravel, a little sand or some crushed rocks in between the stones, but that is optional.

It’s best to add the gravel to the top of the stone and add a layer of the sand or rocks to the base to keep the stones from peeling off.

When you are finished, put the stones away and you’re ready to make the rest of your garden.

Start by adding the gravel or stone to a cup.

You don’t want to leave the stone or gravel in place while you are making the cup.

Put the stone in the cup and cover it with water.

Let the cup sit for at least 15 minutes.

The water should be at least 1 1/2 inches deep.

This will help keep the gravel and sand from peeking out of the bottom or leaving a residue.

Remove the stone from the cup, set it over the cup on a flat stone or on a table and cover the stone with a clean dish towel so the stone can dry completely.

Let it dry for about 20 minutes or so, then remove the dish towel and let the stones dry completely on a paper towel.

After you are satisfied with the stones that you have made, remove the stones and allow them to dry completely again.

If the stones aren’t as soft as you would like, you may want to trim them a bit.

You could also cut a small hole in the top and leave the stones out.

These holes are where the stones will stick to the cup after they dry completely, and are very important to prevent peeling.