How to play in the AFC East title game

NFL teams have been scrambling for ways to play spoiler in the NFC West, with some hoping to get into a tiebreaker game against the Rams and Giants before the season starts.

Here’s how you can get your team in the title game if you want to.

The 49ers have a chance to play their third game in four days on Sunday at Levi’s Stadium, but the NFC divisional round matchup could be decided in the third quarter, as the 49ers could have a hard time beating a San Francisco team that has been struggling to score points.

If the 49er defense can hold the Giants to just one field goal through the first three quarters, they could win the game.

The Niners are 3-0 against the 49, including wins over the Giants and the Cowboys.

The Panthers are 1-2 since Week 7, with losses to the Seahawks and the Bears.

The Panthers have a shot at a wild-card spot after finishing 2-2 in Week 6.

Carolina’s only loss came to the Rams in Week 7.

The Rams are 2-1 against the Panthers, but have dropped three straight games.

The Bears beat the Packers in Week 11.

The Eagles are 0-4, including two wins over Green Bay and the Bills.

Philadelphia is 0-5 this season when scoring three or fewer points.

The Eagles’ only loss has come to the Patriots in Week 9.

The Bills have won four of five, but lost two of three to the Jets and lost to the 49.

The Raiders have played the last three games in San Diego, but they’re coming off a home win against the Titans in Week 1.

The Raiders have dropped two straight games, including a 38-13 loss to the Bills in Week 3.

The Titans have beaten the Raiders twice in the past three weeks, including in Week 2, but are 3 1/2-point underdogs in the rematch.

The Chargers have lost two straight at home, including last season.

The Broncos are 0 1/3-point favorites over the Raiders, who have won three straight.