How to take care of your dog while he sleeps

The best way to keep your dog safe while he’s sleeping is to keep him comfortable, says PetSmart’s executive director of pet care and behavioral science, Dr. Jill Cottrell.

Cottell says keeping a pet in an open-air enclosure is the best way.

“We don’t want dogs to be confined, but we want them to be safe and we want to make sure they have some space in their crate,” she says.

“The best way we can do that is to have them have a crate that is really small, because you want your dog to be able to go to play.”

Cottoll says a dog that is able to play in an enclosed space is more likely to get along well with other dogs and other people.

“So it’s good to have your dog around people, and when he’s around people you want him to be comfortable and relaxed,” she explains.

“And the best place for that to happen is the crate.

So the crate needs to be small and the size of the crate, and a good place for the dog to go for the night is the edge of the bed.”

Keeping a crate open to the air also helps prevent your dog from escaping.

“You want to be sure that your dog is in the crate at all times,” says Cottill.

“When your dog’s in the house, the doors are open, and there’s a window in the door, so you want that door open and your dog free of clutter.”

Keep a crate in a cool, dark place Cottll says if your dog has been in the room with a closed door, a crate with an air conditioner is the ideal place to keep it.

“A very large crate is a good size for your dog, so if you have a large dog, you can get away with having a smaller one.

But if you’re small, you have to think about how big a crate is,” she adds.

Cottell says when it comes to keeping your dog warm and dry, a warm, dark room with plenty of air is the most important thing to have in your home.

“If you’re using a dryer, a regular dryer that’s not going to be a little bit hot, you’re not going be able go out and do a lot of exercise,” she warns.

“Just being in a dark place with a little heat in the air, you want to give your dog lots of room to get his exercise.”

She also suggests that if you can, it’s best to have a few extra towels or a little extra bedding, especially if your pet is small.

“Do not have a bed that is too small,” Cottil says.

She also says to always make sure your dog gets enough exercise.

“This is why a good puppy crate is an ideal place for him.” “

They need to get their exercise and get their sleep and get some rest,” she concludes.

“This is why a good puppy crate is an ideal place for him.”

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