How to take care of your garden pests

You’ve probably noticed how weeds are everywhere these days, but they can be a lot harder to spot.

To help you spot these little beauties, we have compiled a list of 10 best tips for keeping your garden safe.

If you don’t like the list, there’s always an option to pick one up at the store.


Keep your garden plants cool and wet Al Jazeera’s Kate O’Connell, a botanist and garden expert, says that even if your garden is being watered by a hose or sprinkler, there are some plants you need to watch out for.

These include all of the flowering plants, and you can also try to get your plants watered before you start watering them.

O’Connor says that once you have your plants wet, you needn’t worry too much about watering them too much, but that it can be tempting to start watering too early.

You might start watering in the early afternoon and end up watering in late evening.

It’s best to start with a watering schedule that’s around three times per week.

“When you’re watering plants, don’t go too quickly,” O’Connor said.

“Try to get them wet before they are a little bit thirsty.

That will keep them in their optimum stage.”


Make sure you get plenty of fresh water and nutrients When you’re growing your own vegetables, you’re going to need a lot of water.

And if you’re trying to produce a crop, it’s going to take a lot more nutrients than you can provide from your garden.

“The water you’re getting is a little overkill,” O’son said.

You can make sure you’re providing enough water to keep your plants hydrated by getting a lot, or a little, of fresh and nutrient-rich water every day.


Grow plants on a sunny, well-drained site Al Jazeera News’ Sara Azzar said that the best place to grow your plants is where the sun is shining, or at least when it’s not raining.

If it’s raining, plant in your yard, where there are lots of open areas.

If the sun doesn’t shine, it can help you see what your plants are doing.


Avoid watering your plants in the middle of the night Al Jazeera Live’s Chris Grosbard said that a common problem with growing your plants indoors is that they can grow in a pot.

If that’s the case, you can’t go on a big, sprawling, greenhouse farm.

Instead, you should try to grow plants on small plots that are planted on the ground.

O’sons advises that you should avoid watering plants in this way, but she does suggest that you make sure that you have enough water for your plants to keep them hydrated.


Use a watering mat Al Jazeera Editor’s Simon Johnson explains that you can use a mat to help you keep your gardens water-watered.

It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does help with keeping your plants moist.

If your plants have already been watered, it won’t help to have them in the water mat.

“If you’ve got a watering tray, it will help your plants keep their moisture levels up,” Johnson said.


Grow a large garden If you want to grow a large, multi-story garden, it makes sense to have a large container to hold all of your plants.

If a larger container is not available, O’Cooley suggests using a small pot with a lid, or you can plant a pot that is a tad smaller.

You don’t need to have everything in the same pot, but if you want all of them in one container, it might make sense to use a larger pot.


Keep the temperature around 40°C Al Jazeera correspondent Sarah Smith recommends keeping your gardens at 40° Celsius, and that’s a good temperature to keep the humidity at a minimum.

She recommends using a watering sprayer or fan to keep those humidity levels down.


Use water regularly Al Jazeera news editor Simon Johnson suggests that if you are going to plant your plants, water them every two weeks, or once a week.

If they are doing well, you don.

But if they’re not, you might need to do a few watering events a year to keep things at the right temperature.


Use multiple watering systems Al Jazeera producer Sarah Smith suggests that you need several different watering systems for your crops.

They can include: 1.

A drip system to keep watering water off the plant and keep the soil wet Al Jour.

Reporter: If you’re not sure what type of watering system to use, you’ll want to check out the instructions here.

The idea is that water is going to drip down to the soil, so that the soil stays wet, and also so that it doesn’t get too hot.

The water will also drip up through the soil to the roots of the plants.

This can help your plant grow taller and produce larger, more dense roots. 2.