‘It is important for us to support our community and be positive about their experiences’ – Gardener says

Posted November 14, 2019 07:09:40Community leaders and gardeners in the West Australian town of Gartree have spoken out about the growing concern over the safety of the nearby Gardener’s Market.

Key points:Gardener’s Markets are a community centre and park where people come to buy, sell and shop for supplies and produceKey pointsGardner’s Markets were set up in 2006 in the town of Chippendale and were intended to cater to the local communityGardners Market has been hit by a spate of road closures since MarchGardening, a local hobby, has been an issue in the area for yearsGardens Market has become a focal point for residents who have been concerned about the safety and security of the marketGarders Market has also been hit with road closures as the community of Chittenden has seen a series of road accidents and incidents over the last few years.

Community members say the area around the market is a haven for community and the Gardener and his family are trying to be proactive about the issues.

Gardentere Gardens Community Group CEO David O’Connor said the community had been vocal about concerns over safety for years.

“There has been a number of road safety issues with this community centre over the years, especially in the last three years,” Mr O’Connors said.

“The Gardener himself has been in the community for a number, it’s a very safe area.”

The Gartrees market is located in the Chippenden region and is the main centre of the town.

It was established in 2006, in response to the demand for gardening supplies from the local local community.

Mr O’Connor said the town had been hit hard by road accidents, with the market closing one day a month.

“It’s been a pretty tough year for the Gardens market,” he said.”[The road closures] have been very frustrating and they’ve been a major issue for the community.”

We are doing all we can to improve things but the Gardening community are a really supportive community.

“He said the Gardengers had been very supportive of the community, encouraging them to keep the area open and keep talking about safety.”

They’re trying to take the lead in helping us improve the road,” he added.

Mr Karr said the road closures had made the market feel like a “nightmare” for residents.”

For the past few months, it has been pretty bad for the market,” Mr Karr added.”

I mean we’ve been told that the Gardeners Market is closing, we’re told that we’re not going to be able to come in here anymore.

“But we can’t see any signage for the store.”

People are afraid to come to the market.

People are just walking around.

“Mr Ollon said while he understood the concerns, he had a lot of support from other residents.

He said he would continue to be a “good steward” of the business, but said there were some areas where he could do better.”

You can’t be complacent about it,” he explained.”

One of the things that we’ve noticed in the past is that people who have gone to the garden centre before and it has worked, are very supportive.

“Sometimes people say it’s not as safe as the garden center.

It’s not always safe, but that’s part of it.”

He acknowledged the Garders market was not a place where anyone was allowed to get out at night and he had concerns about the Gardentes ability to make a living.

“He [the gardener] has a job,” Mr Lonergan said.

“He needs to get paid.”

As a community, we need to make sure we support him.

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