Lowes Grown Life is Coming to a Garden Mall in Florida

Posted May 04, 2018 09:01:38This low-key new horror-comedy about a father and daughter who are having trouble in their lives may not have the most impressive script, but it’s still a pretty damn funny one.

Lowes’ Grown lives stars Adam Scott and Brittany Murphy, who previously played characters in indie horror film A Monster Calls, as a couple who are trying to stay afloat on their small town in Georgia.

The film centers around a mother and daughter trying to navigate their new relationship, their kids, and their newfound friendship. 

Adam Scott, who’s been playing a father who’s always trying to keep up with his family’s needs, tells the story of a man who works in a nursery for the elderly.

He’s also an avid gardener, so his work is a source of comfort to his wife and daughter, who both work in landscaping. 

The couple finds themselves living in a house that’s supposed to be theirs, but the elderly man who lives there is the one who has taken it over and uses it to keep the two of them occupied.

When the elderly family moves out and moves into a house in a different neighborhood, the new family finds themselves in a completely different world.

The old man’s new family has no idea where the old house is. 

Brittany Murphy, on the other hand, plays the old lady, who is trying to figure out what to do with her daughter, and her own struggles with her newfound newfound identity as a lesbian. 

Highlights include the characters being able to move into the old man house, their daughter growing up, and a few surprises. 

This is an intriguing new horror comedy with a lot of heart, and it’s sure to have a lot to offer to people who have been waiting for a good low-budget horror film to hit the theaters in the past. 

Lowes Grows Life premieres May 4 on FX.