Mandarin garden pots to be made from ‘green’ vegetables

Garden pots are a popular item for home gardens, and this is the first time that an organic produce garden has been made with vegetable material.

In Beijing’s Green Garden Market, the market’s owners made a series of vegetable garden pots for sale to visitors, which were displayed on a display table.

The pot’s design is based on the Chinese vegetable variety, known as shanghao.

The pot’s owner said: ‘The green leafy vegetable variety has a lot of uses, so it is very good to use for a vegetable garden.’

We wanted to make an organic vegetable garden so it could become a new trend for people to grow vegetables.’

The green vegetable variety of the shanghaoy is called shanguoy, which translates as ‘green tea’.

The owner said the green leaf-like vegetables would be used for ‘good health’, as they are rich in antioxidants, protein and fiber.

They also have a ‘good nutritional value’, the shop’s owner added.

The green vegetables have been used for traditional medicine in China, including in tea ceremonies, but have also been shown to be safe for consumption in the Western world.

According to the Beijing Daily, the plant variety was first planted in 1797 and is now used to make vegetables in Chinese kitchens.

The shanghanoy variety has been a staple in the Chinese culinary traditions for hundreds of years, as it is a leafy, green variety of a type of Chinese cabbage.