Small Garden Ideas to Get You Out of the Hospital

Garden city hospital staff have created a new kind of small garden: a small garden that works to make it easier to have fun at home.

Garden City Hospital announced a new initiative Wednesday that aims to give staff at its hospital facilities a new way to get out of the hospital, without having to spend hours in the hospital.

The hospital’s small garden will help staff keep a cool, clean and organized environment.

Staff will work with a community garden center to help them create the garden.

The idea came about after staff members and patients had been spending too much time in the same room, with the result that it became difficult to keep track of who was who.

“We wanted to make the hospital a place where you could have a fresh, relaxed and fun environment to work and spend time with friends and family,” said Gina Pfeffer, who leads the community garden.

“The idea is that if we’re not able to work together, then there’s no place for you in the facility to be,” Pfefer said.

The new small garden facility will be in a small room where the staff can work on creating and organizing the garden’s space.

Staff members will work together with residents, caregivers and visitors to make a garden that’s welcoming and fun for everyone.

The garden will be accessible to staff, patients and visitors, who can use it for free, or they can pay for a membership.

“It will be a place for people to get their daily dose of happiness and creativity,” Pyeffer said.

Pfeffer said the garden will also serve as a place to talk about a variety of gardening topics, including food, plants and gardening.

The garden will include a food garden that will have produce from the local area, fresh flowers, a plant that grows in the garden and a garden center.

Pyeffer, the hospital’s chief sustainability officer, said the new garden will bring a new element of socializing and connecting with patients and staff.

“This facility is the perfect place to get together and talk about the things that you love most,” she said.

“Garden cities are a place we can get together in our gardens to eat, relax, share ideas and connect in new ways.”

The Garden City Hospital small garden is part of the health care system at Garden City.

It will be open to patients and their caregivers from Wednesday to April 30.