The best and most ridiculous gardening ideas

Here are some of the most hilarious gardening ideas on Reddit.


You need to find a way to cover up the hole that you accidentally cut yourself in the grass.


The only way to keep a small tree out of the path of a fire is to spray it with the correct amount of water.


The quickest way to grow a tomato is to eat it. 4.

You’ll find that the quickest way for a tomato to hatch is to wait for a few weeks in the sun before harvesting.


You can grow vegetables in the rain without a garden hose.


The best way to find the best time to water is to do it in the morning.


You will never know how long a summer day will be until you find out.


If you want to grow potatoes, you can do it under a tree in the middle of a garden.


If a giant tree falls on your house and you have to dig a hole, try digging a hole under a nearby tree.


You won’t ever be able to grow tomatoes on a potato field.


You must keep your plants watered to maintain their health.


You should never use the “nap” word when you are gardening.


You could put your feet up in a bowl to stop the roots from getting in the dirt.


If your garden hose runs low, make a hole in the ground to drain the water out of your garden.


You don’t need a lot of water in your garden because you have water from the tap.


If the temperature is cold, you could put a hot bath in the tub and keep your house warm.


You shouldn’t put plants in the same pot twice because it will freeze.


If all you want is a cool breeze to blow through your garden, you’ll be able grow some cool plants in your house.


You have to have a nice lawn to grow roses in. 20.

If one of your plants dies, put a new one in it. 21.

You cannot build a garden in the snow.


It is best to make sure your house has a water filter.


If there is snow on your lawn, cut down the branches that are growing up to the tree so they can dry out.


If water gets into the attic, you need to build a roof.


You probably have a hard time keeping water out when you’re in the house, so make sure you have a good roof.


You might want to make a “green” garden.


You wouldn’t put the sun on your patio because it can make your house too hot.


You would like to grow some tomatoes in your garage, but you are afraid of getting a fire there.


You never know what kind of tomatoes you’ll get if you let them sit for a while.


You may want to put the top of your door shut for a long time so you can’t get a fire in. 31.

The most important thing to remember when gardening is to make the right choice when choosing plants.


The easiest way to tell if your tomatoes are going to be healthy is to see if they have holes in them.


If they are green and are covered with seed, they’re healthy.


You’ve never heard of a tomato growing without leaves.


If someone gives you a small tomato, they can grow a big one.


You want to have something cool to wear while gardening.


The first time you put a tomato on your head, you might be surprised that you can grow it. 38.

You’re not the only one who can’t stand the heat of summer.


You are the only person in the world who can grow tomatoes without a pot.


You just bought a tomato for $3.

You think it will be the most delicious tomato ever?


If it’s cold outside, put your hands under the window and put your face in the window to keep the cold air out.


You really don’t have to buy tomatoes in the summer, but if you want something nice to eat at night, you should try to find some tomatoes from the garden in your backyard.