The Best Games in the New Year

A month or so ago, it was clear that Microsoft was planning to launch a new Xbox console in 2015.

Now, a month later, it looks like it’s just going to keep going until 2020.

The company revealed at the company’s annual Build conference today that it’s going to announce a brand new Xbox in January 2019.

And, as it happens, this is going to be the company that made a name for itself by launching the Xbox One and then moving on to its next generation console, the Xbox 720.

The console’s codename is The Titan.

The name is fitting, considering Microsoft’s new Titan is based on the Titanfall video game franchise.

It also serves as the name of a previous Xbox One console, Xbox 360, which was also named The Titan in 2016.

The Titanfall series has been a popular series of online shooters, and Xbox One will be the first Xbox to use the Titan name.

It’s worth noting that this is not a new console.

The Xbox One was launched in 2014, with the Titan launch a year later.

It seems like this is a very early version of the new console, but it looks as if Microsoft has been testing it out.

The only way to be sure is to try it out for yourself.

Microsoft has released a ton of info about the Xbox Titan over the past few months.

Its codename, the Titan, was revealed at Build last month.

It is an all-new Xbox platform that will feature a “more-capable” design, and it will be powered by the same 8-core GPU.

It will also feature 8GB of RAM, which will make it a bit faster than the Xbox 360.

Microsoft also teased a slew of new games for the console.

“We’re going to see a ton more great games from developers like Epic, Microsoft, and more,” Microsoft’s Phil Spencer told reporters at Build.

The first game announced for the new Xbox Titan is a shooter called Titanfall.

It’ll be an Xbox exclusive, but Microsoft will also release it for PC.

“There’s a lot of exciting stuff that’s coming for Xbox One, but we’re going into a new generation with the next generation,” Spencer said.

Spencer also teased some new games coming to the Xbox Titans home console, including the game Skylanders: Trap Team. “

If you look at the history of Xbox One in terms of the number of titles we’ve launched, it’s always been a lot smaller than Xbox 360.”

Spencer also teased some new games coming to the Xbox Titans home console, including the game Skylanders: Trap Team.

“It’s going up against some really cool stuff coming in Titanfall,” Spencer told developers at Build, according to a video of the interview posted on Xbox Wire.

“Tyrant will be one of the first to have a Skylanders game.”

The video was also released today.

It shows off a bunch of new Titanfall gameplay.

As you can see, the game is set in a dystopian world where humans and machines are fighting over resources.

“The Skylanders franchise is the backbone of Xbox Titan,” Spencer added.

“I know that it has fans all over the world, and we’ll be announcing a number of great games coming out this year.”

The developer also teased an exclusive Xbox Titan title, the Skylanders Star Wars: Battle for the Old Republic.

“That game will be coming to Xbox Titan in early 2018,” Spencer revealed.

“And we have a lot more in the works that we can’t talk about yet.”

Xbox Titan won’t have a price.

Microsoft will have an Xbox Titan price tag of $499, but Spencer said that the console will have a more exclusive price tag.

Spencer also said that Microsoft’s Xbox Titan will be cheaper than other Xbox One consoles.

“You’ll get a great price for Xbox Titan that’s comparable to other consoles,” he said.

Microsoft is also planning to introduce a new gaming controller, called the Titan Switch.

“This will be a much more powerful, flexible gaming controller than the current Xbox One controller,” Spencer announced.

“By having a controller with two controllers, we’re able to provide a lot in terms in terms what the user is looking for when they’re trying to play their games, and also in terms, you know how they play with a mouse, right?

This will be able to offer a much better experience with that kind of thing.”

The Titan Switch will have eight controllers and it’ll have “a lot of features that are very much a part of Titanfall.”

“This is one of those things that we want to give our fans, and I know you’ve all been excited about this for some time,” Spencer continued.

“What we’re doing with the Switch is a lot like what we’ve done with the Xbox Pro and with the XBOX One Pro.

We’re bringing all these gaming features, and with a little bit of additional cost, we can offer a very powerful controller for gamers who want to be able do all