The real reason we’re wearing pink shoes

An unexpected, but welcome surprise.

As it turns out, pink is a good colour for people with pink feet.

Photo: Supplied: A lot of pink shoes can be made with other colours, like lavender, and it’s actually possible to get the same look by simply swapping out the sole of your shoe for a pink one.

But if you’re not quite sure what colour your pink foot is, then you might have to ask a friend.

“If you are thinking about buying a pink shoe and you have pink toes, you might want to ask someone who has pink feet if they have ever had pink feet,” explains Jenny Taylor, a research associate in human development at the University of Melbourne.

“Because people who have pink feet are more likely to have foot deformities.”

If you’re unsure, then consider asking your friend, your GP, or someone who works in shoe shops.

“You can usually get a colour you like from the colour palette of a lot of footwear and then if you have a really pink foot, you can have a pink colour shoe,” says Taylor.

“But pink shoes have pink heels, and that’s what makes pink shoes so popular.”

And if you really like pink shoes, there are plenty of ways to keep your feet pink.

“People often go to the shops and buy pink shoes to wear to their birthday party, and they’re going to buy pink socks to wear with the shoes,” says Brown.

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It’s also a really good way to show someone who is pink what you like.”

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