The secret garden market has opened in the heart of Sydney

A new hidden garden market is opening up in Sydney’s inner west.

The Hidden Garden Market will open to the public on Thursday, September 23, at The Garden Centre in Fitzroy.

It’s part of a national effort to raise funds for farmers and seedlings, which will include a garden market that will be held on a Saturday night and on a Sunday.

“We are bringing together a network of growers, seed and seed banks, seed shops and nurseries in one place to provide farmers and growers with access to seeds and information on the latest in seed technology and the best ways to grow their own food,” said Michelle Ritchie, a senior partner at The Seed Bank, which is based in Sydney.

Ritchie is an avid gardener who has been working with local farmers to develop her own seed bank.

She’s excited to see the market coming to a place where she can be part of it.

“The seed banks are really key to the community and I think it will help the farmers and it will also help people who want to start seeds,” she said.

More information about the Hidden Garden Markets can be found on the NSW Government website.