Washington state celebrates Botanical Garden’s 80th anniversary


(AP) The Botanical Gardens of Washington state celebrated its 80th birthday Friday, with a grand opening ceremony featuring the state’s first lady and a performance by the iconic Beatles.

Botanical Gardens is a sprawling collection of botanical gardens and gardens that are dotted across the state.

It’s the oldest and largest in the nation and the nation’s largest collection of natural history museums.

It was founded by Charles and Louise Adams in 1889 and was renamed by the Adamses in 1954.

The gardens’ original purpose was to be a home for native plants, including a variety of wildflowers.

The state’s Botanical Museum was built in 1909 and is the largest museum in the United States.

Botanical gardens are also popular tourist attractions.

The first lady wore a traditional black gown and red skirt and wore a white dress, matching skirt and matching shoes.

The two are reminiscent of those worn by presidents, the first lady said, as they wore similar suits and ties.

She spoke about the history of the gardens, which was founded in 1889 by Charles Adams and his wife, Louise.

The Adamses were instrumental in making Washington the first city to open its gardens to the public, according to the Botanical Park.