‘We are trying to save the trees’

An article that appeared in The Hindu on May 15, 2018 has helped to inspire a great many gardeners across the world.

 It is called the ‘We Are Trying to Save the Trees’ series, and it is meant to raise awareness of the dangers of tree-damaging pests and diseases in our garden and to encourage people to take more care of their gardens.

The article is titled ‘We’re trying to Save Trees’ and is an excerpt from the ‘Garden Edging Ideas’ series of articles that The Hindu published in 2018.

This article has been translated into English.

When the article appeared in 2018, many people in India took the opportunity to save their trees, and have since then planted many more.

Many people have also planted shrubs and trees, but unfortunately, most of these plants die in the first year or two after planting.

So, what can you do to prevent these problems in your garden?

For instance, if you have a tree or shrub that is very healthy and will grow well, but you do not have a good drainage system, and you do have a few tree branches, you can prevent these diseases by taking a water-resistant, water-loving soil.

For example, if the soil is dry, you should add some sand to the soil to reduce the infiltration of water into the soil.

Also, add some organic matter to the ground around the tree, such as manure or organic matter from the tree bark, to prevent water from getting into the tree roots and into the ground.

Another way to reduce tree damage is to make sure that the roots are not touching each other or touching the ground, and that the tree does not have root damage.

If you have problems with a tree, you might want to look for other species that can help.

Also, if there are no trees around, you could try planting trees next to each other, to reduce damage to the roots and to prevent the tree from becoming a weed.

In general, if a tree is diseased, then it can be treated by a professional, and the professional will take the tree to a specialist to see if it can live without treatment.

I am happy that I have been able to save some trees and help others, and hope that my experience will encourage people around the world to try to save trees.