What to do if you see a botanical plant with a dead, green or green-looking plant in your garden

The blooms and fruits of the Botanical Garden of Eden are on display at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Here are some things you should know: The botanical gardens are in the Edens Queensboro neighborhood, across from Brooklyn’s City Hall.

But the Botanic Gardens’ garden is located in Brooklyn Heights, an affluent area of Queens that includes parts of Brooklyn Heights.

The gardens are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the Gardens have a large botanical display area with plants ranging from bonsai to ornamental plants.

In summer, the gardens are closed to the public to maintain the plant’s natural environment.

It’s best to keep a close eye on your garden, said Lisa Wahlstrom, the Botanists general curator.

“You should take some time to appreciate the beauty of what’s out there and just appreciate the diversity of the garden,” she said.

You can also take your camera to the gardens, which have a rotating show of plants from the Botany and Botanical gardens.

If you don’t have access to a camera, Wahlberg said, “You can take pictures on a cellphone.”

Be careful about what you leave behind when you leave the gardens.

“A lot of times, the plants can be quite beautiful, but when they’re all gone, they can look quite sad,” Wahlsten said.

The Botanical Gardens has a plant-finding app that lets you find plants in the gardens and the Botani Garden in Brooklyn.

If a plant is on display in your neighborhood, you can follow the botanical and garden paths, which can be challenging at times.

The Gardens also offer a video on YouTube that provides an inside look at the garden.

You’ll also want to watch this short video of an English moss that is growing in a tree near the Botank Gardens: “It’s hard to see the moss from the ground, so you have to see it from above,” Wollenberg said.

If there is a bug infestation, the Gardens can be closed to visitors until the problem is fixed.

The Garden is also a haven for some invasive species.

“I’m sure we can all agree that it’s a challenge to remove all of these things from our gardens, but it’s really important to recognize and deal with the signs and not just leave them alone,” Wohlsten said of pests.

“In some cases, the signs are a good sign and the bug will go away, but sometimes they can cause a problem.”

You can take the Garden to the park, too.

In addition to the Botano Garden, the Garden has a series of trails that run through the Brooklyn Heights area.

They include the Edenton Park Trail, the Edinton Park Road, the East New York Trail, and the Edentown Park Trail.

If the trail is closed to public use, you may want to call the Garden at (718) 736-9200.

If it’s closed, the Park will have a public viewing area at the entrance to the Garden, where you can watch a variety of plants including English mosss, English alfalfa, and English rosemary.

If your neighborhood has an active fire department, they may be able to help you remove your garden.

“If there is an active wildfire, they’ll have a team of firefighters that are out there, and they can provide you with some assistance if needed,” Wolsten said about the fire department.

The park, though, can be an obstacle for gardeners with little or no experience with gardening.

“The Garden is very accessible, but if you are an inexperienced gardener, you might not have a lot of knowledge about how to properly care for the plants,” Wock said.

Some Garden staff members have had difficulty adjusting to the garden in general, she said, but they can teach you.

“They’ve given us tips on the best way to use the garden, and it’s been really helpful,” Wowel said.

To find the Garden and the other gardens in the Brooklyn area, visit the Brooklyn Parks website.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is open daily from 8:30 a.k. to 3 p.t. in Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.

The Edentons Gardens are open daily, with free admission.

Contact Lisa Wohlstrom at [email protected] or (718)(718)736-8383 for more information about the Brooklyn Gardens.