What’s the next step for Gardener of the Year?

Gardener at the heart of the season is now a new season fixture and a new competition with the Gardener’s Cup, which is now being contested by a team of four farmers from a number of areas.

The winners will compete in the annual competition in February 2019, with the runner-up being invited to the World Cup in 2018.

The competition will see farmers competing for a £10,000 prize, which will be shared between the winners and a selected farmer from each county.

The Gardener Award, which was created by the National Farmers’ Union and the Gardening Association in 2013, was initially introduced to promote farming in England.

It is a £5,000, three-month award for farmers that represent the best ways of keeping their fields healthy and producing high-quality fruit and vegetables.

In 2018, the winners were divided between three regions of England.

A team of five growers from each region was selected, and a panel of experts then picked the finalists.

They were invited to London for a dinner to be held at the White Hart Lane stadium in March 2019.

It was the first time the winners of the annual contest were invited for a formal dinner and they took to the stage on Saturday evening, in front of an estimated 1,000 guests.

The awards will now take place in the new season of the World Gardening Cup, to be hosted in January 2020.

The winners of each of the four competitions will be announced at the World Garden Cup, taking place in January 2021 in London.

It will be held alongside the European Championship in May.

The final winner of the competition will also receive the World Championship trophy, which can be won for the best gardening of the year.