When a Palestinian man was killed by Israeli police in the occupied West Bank, he was attacked by the Israeli army

When a man in the Palestinian village of Beitunia was killed in a shooting incident with Israeli forces on October 21, Israeli authorities responded with a barrage of gunfire, killing him.

The incident came after Palestinian men in Beitrum were attacked by Israeli soldiers in the village, who responded with rubber-coated steel bullets, and then fired at them from a vehicle parked nearby.

The soldiers, who were wearing body armor, fired at the vehicles, causing them to collide.

They hit three of the Palestinian men and two women, and one of the vehicles drove off in a stolen vehicle.

The bodies of the men were later found near the scene of the attack.

In the days following the shooting incident, the Palestinian Health Ministry announced that at least 12 Palestinians had been killed and 50 wounded in a number of incidents in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The attack by the security forces was condemned by the international community.

“The killing of innocent people in the Israeli occupation and occupation-controlled areas is a gross violation of international law and human rights,” Human Rights Watch’s deputy director, Gillian Tett, said in a statement.

“Violence against civilians, especially Palestinians, is an absolute violation of the laws of war and war crimes and is an intolerable violation of human dignity.”

At the time of writing, Israeli forces had arrested nine Palestinians in the killing of the man in Beletunia, and three others in a drive-by shooting incident in the area of the incident that took place in the wake of the killing.

The killing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, 32, was also covered extensively in the media.

“This is a terrible attack on the memory of my brother Mohammed, who died during the war in Gaza,” Khdeira said on Twitter, according to the AFP news agency.

“He was a good man who wanted peace and who wanted to live peacefully with his neighbors.

This is an attack on my brother, a man who fought for his rights, his life, his freedom.”

Khdeiri’s family has not yet received any compensation for his death.

“We will never be able to bury our son, because of the crimes of the Israeli state, which has violated his right to life and his dignity,” Khreiba said, according the AFP.

“I cannot bury him, because I am afraid that the Israeli government will not give me my son’s body back, nor will I get him back from the Israeli military,” Khredir added.

The families of the slain men have also not received compensation for their deaths.

“As a Palestinian, I cannot leave my son without justice,” Khreedh Khrediri said in an interview with Al Jazeera.

“My family is waiting for justice.

I want to know what happened to my brother and what he will be doing when he dies.”

The International Campaign to Abolish the Occupation, a group that supports the Palestinian rights to return to their homes and property in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, said that it was “disappointed” by the news of the killings.

“These attacks against civilians by Israeli security forces are part of a systematic attack on unarmed civilians in the territories,” the group said in its statement.

Al Jazeera’s Imran Khan contributed to this report.