When the royal garden is not the royal palace

The royal garden has long been the centrepiece of Buckingham Palace, but now it’s also the subject of an idea from a designer who calls himself the Royal Garden Guy.

The design, titled “The Garden of Happiness,” was created by London-based designer Daniel Lopes, who describes himself as an “architect of the new age,” according to his website.

It’s a project Lopes is calling “a modern version of the Garden of Eden.”

“It’s not a Garden of Paradise, but it’s a Garden that allows people to be happier than they would be without a garden,” Lopes told Entertainment Weekly.

“It is about a more intimate garden that connects people with their roots.”

In an interview with CBC News, Lopes said he came up with the idea after watching a documentary about a “new kind of love.”

“The Garden is one of the most romantic places you can have a relationship in the world,” Lope said.

“I was watching the movie and I was like, what is this?”

“I wanted to create a garden that was not so much a Garden and more a garden of love,” he said.

Lopes’ latest project has garnered him a lot of attention, with the “The Royal Garden” on the cover of this year’s issue of Style magazine.

His project has also received positive reviews from some fashion designers and the New York Times called the design “a brilliant work of art.”

The Garden Idea:The Garden Guy Daniel Lope in a photo taken in April 2017.

The Royal garden concept, which is called “The House of Happiness” and is open to the public, was inspired by the gardens in the French city of Lyon.

“The house is the most beautiful part of the garden, because you get the idea that this is the place where you are going to live your life,” Lodes told CBC News.

“When you’re there you don’t feel like you are just living in your room.”

The garden is also where “you are going into your garden and you see all the plants,” Lanes said.

The House Of Happiness: The House of Peace and Happiness in a Photo taken in 2017.

In an email to CBC News from Lopes’ home in London, he said the idea came to him while watching a recent documentary about the Parisian city of Lyons.

“In this film, you see that the city has built a new kind of city where there is a House of happiness,” Loses said.

“That is a place where people are living in harmony, and this is a house that people live in.”

Lopes also said he is also inspired by an earlier idea by the author of The Garden of Pleasure, which was created for the British Library in the 19th century.

“He [Sir William Morris] described the Garden as the place of pleasure and enjoyment,” Loes said.

Morris was a British philosopher and writer who was one of a number of people who believed the Garden was the place for the best of human experience.

“His concept of the House of pleasure was the Garden and it was a place of happiness, and he saw that the Garden is a wonderful place for happiness, too,” Lops said.

In the documentary, Morris was asked to give an opinion on whether or not a garden should be a place to relax and be a haven from reality.

“If you’re in a Garden, you are in the Garden,” Morris said.

Morris’s Garden was created in an attempt to recapture the experience of walking around the garden in a garden, which he called a “happiness palace.”

“That’s why the Garden Guy came up and he said, ‘What about walking around a garden?’

And I said, well, we have to think about what the Garden looks like.””

I started thinking about what you could do with a garden in which you could see the plants and you could feel them and you were a part of it,” he told CBC.

The Garden: A Place of Happiness The House Of Peace and Happyness in a photograph taken in February 2018.

The idea has gained Lopes a lot, with more than 50,000 people following his Instagram account.

“This is one way that we can be together,” Losing said.

While the Royal garden is being celebrated, Loses is also working on his own garden.

The garden will be one of Lopes new projects that will be showcased at the Royal Gardens.

“One of the things I’m really proud of is the fact that I’m bringing together a group of designers and artisans, who will come together and work on something that will reflect the best parts of London, and hopefully they will be inspired to create something beautiful for the gardens of Buckingham and London,” Losis said.

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