Which celebrities are spending the holidays at the beach?

Some celebs are going the beach this weekend.

The likes of actress Melissa Rose Garden, who stars in ABC’s “The Bachelor,” are in Los Angeles this weekend, as are rapper and singer Melania Rose.

But other celebrities who are staying at their palatial homes are staying in the Westwood Resort in the hills outside San Diego, according to a listing on TripAdvisor.

Melissa Rose Garden has a home in San Diego and a villa in Hollywood.

Melania Rose Garden owns a villas in Hollywood and Hollywood Hills, and she’s spent the past few months at the Westmont Hotel in Los Feliz, where she’s lived for the past six years.

Melanie Laurent, who plays Olivia in “The Vampire Diaries,” is also staying at the villas and at the home she shares with her mother.

MelaniĆ«l Laurent, aka Olivia, in “Bachelor”Melania and Olivia are the first to arrive at the San Diego location of the luxury home where they will be staying, said a listing for the property on Tripadvisor.

The two women were married on July 1.

Melanietl Laurent and her husband, Patrick, share a home and villas with their three children in San Francisco, where they are staying.

They’ve been staying at a hotel in San Jose, California, since last fall.

Melanne Laurent, wife of Patrick Laurent, in Los Gatos, California.

Melaine Laurent is a model and actress, with a series of films that include “The Perfect Lover,” “The Real Deal,” and “Hang the Man.”

She recently appeared in the “Biggest Loser” reality show.

The couple is known for their luxurious lifestyle.

The mansion in San Clemente, California is estimated to be worth $12 million.

The house in San Juan Capistrano, New Mexico, is worth more than $13 million.