Why you should be shopping for garden supplies and lawn equipment in Houston

Houston, Texas (CNN) I got a lot of questions from my friends and family this week. 

I’m not saying they don’t have their own garden supplies or lawn equipment, but I just wanted to put together a list of the best garden supplies for the city. 

Some of these items are more basic than others. 

Here are the items I got: 1. 

A gardening supply box  You don’t want to buy a lot, but you also don’t need it for everything. 

It’s also good for buying things you’ll use frequently in your yard, like mulch or compost. 

But, for most homeowners, it’s best to get a small set. 

The cost is probably about $40, and you can get a set for about $30, but it will get you by for a year or so. 

This can be a great investment if you need to buy the items that will last for years, or you just need to get some items to use. 


Garden hose  The garden hose is a handy item for when you want to put your hose outside in the hot summer months. 

When it rains, it gets soaked. 

With your hose, you can make sure it stays dry. 

If it dries out, it doesn’t work. 

There’s also a better option if you want more insulation for your lawn. 


Garbage bags  If you need a reusable container for storing things, the plastic bags that come with many grocery stores are really great. 

You can get them for about 20 bucks, and they last a long time. 

However, I prefer the plastic trash bags, and I find that they hold up better. 


Hair brushes  These are also great for when your kids want to use their hair as mulch. 

Just be sure to use the right size. 


Plastic garden trim  It makes the garden look more organic. 


Watermelons  They look so beautiful in your backyard. 


Cleaning tools  For your kitchen sink and dishwasher, these can be really useful. 


Duct tape  Just like with lawn equipment and garden supplies. 

9. Pumpkins  Lots of people like to cut them up and throw them in the compost.

It’s just as effective. 


Wooden pallets  This will make your home look more like a garden. 


Mulch  Wood mulch can be found at many grocery and hardware stores. 


Lawn trimmings  Piles of this will look great in your garden.


Eggshells  Egan makes a number of different products for gardeners, and one of their products is the Eggshells. 


Baskets  There are several types of baskets you can use for mulch and compost.15. 

Vinyl floor mats  Many people like this to put on their floors to keep the dust out. 


Clay mulch This is good for mulching your lawn and keeping it in good shape. 


Stovetop grill This can also be used to heat up your grill. 


Glassware  Glass is one of the most common types of decorative glass. 


Furniture A good kitchen is a kitchen that looks great, too. 


Pet supplies This includes the kinds of items you’ll see at your local pet store. 


Paper towels There are a number things you can buy to cover the kitchen countertops. 


Blanket liners  Flannel can be useful for covering kitchen counters when you need it, but a more affordable option is to use these liners for the kitchen. 


Sponge I used to have a drawer for paper towels, but that didn’t last as long as I would have liked. 


Nail clippers This item is very inexpensive, and it is a great way to clean up your nails if you do have a nail file. 


Sunblock This product is available at most hardware stores, and is good if you don’t like the feeling of getting a blister on your hands. 


Chamomile  Chlamydia is a very common disease that affects the genitals, and this is one treatment you can have to control your infection. 


Rubber gloves These are great for keeping your hands warm when you use them on your patio. 


Spray pads  Sprays and aerosols are great things for your